ALL In Learning Account at the Wrong Campus - Moving an Account to a Different Campus


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Are you at the wrong campus in ALL In Learning? 
If your account is at the wrong campus, it is important that you remedy this situation before proceeding with any other activity in ALL In Learning.

"Why am I seeing a 'Not your campus' message?"
At the beginning of each school year, the following prompt is shown for all users. If your ALL In Learning account is at the correct school, you don't need to take any action.


If you're at the wrong campus, here's how to fix it:

Your campus admin must add you to your new campus. Ask them to do the following:
  1. Log into their campus admin account.
  2. Click on the Administration tab and click "Add."
  3. Enter your school email address to send you the email invitation.


"Will my old saved work carry over after my account is moved?"

Classes, PLCs, and report data from the old school do not move with you to the new school. However, your lessons will move with you if your admin uses your same account email address when following the steps above, triggering the system to find your old account and move it. If they use a different email address for you, it will trigger the system to create a brand new account for you.


"How did my account get in the wrong campus?"

  1. You may have had an ALL In Learning account at a previous campus, and have moved to a new campus. 
  2. Your account may have been set up incorrectly based on information provided to ALL In Learning, your campus, or your district.



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