Admins: Managing Your Campus's Students and Rosters


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There are several ways to manage your campus's student population and class rosters: 

  • Let Teachers Sync Automatically with Google Classroom
  • Import Campus Students via CSV File
  • Manually Add Students One at a Time
  • Sync Automatically with Clever
  • Sync Automatically with Aware

Let Teachers Sync Automatically with Google Classroom

If your school already uses Google Classroom, teachers can go to the "Manage Account" area of their ALL In Learning account and enter their Google Classroom information to start automatically syncing classes from Classroom and having assignments show up directly in each student's Google Classroom Stream. See this article for more information.

Note: If you import students into your campus using any other method, the import must contain student email addresses that match the Google Classroom email addresses. Otherwise, your campus will have duplicate students and conflicts. Once this is understood it typically causes no problems, but for help in making this decision, please contact us

Import Campus Students via CSV File

This manual method does not create classes for teachers automatically but adds students to your campus database so that, as teachers manually create classes, they only have to type the first few letters of each students' names to see an autocomplete list of matching students to choose from. This is better than allowing teachers to manually create students and ending up with inconsistencies or duplicates. Note that importing via CSV doesn't import demographic data, but demographic data can be added one at a time by either admins or teachers.  For a detailed walkthrough of the CSV import process, see this article.

Manually Add Students One at a Time

You can directly enter a new student (or edit student information) manually in the Campus Students tab of your ALL In Learning Admin account. Just scroll to the bottom to type in a new student's information or directly edit an existing student.


Sync Automatically with Clever

Clever is a third-party company that specializes in syncing one education system to another, and we partner with them to offer this convenient option.  From your SMS, teachers, students, and class rosters can be synced automatically, with demographic data. For information on getting Clever set up with ALL In Learning, please contact us.


Sync Automatically with Aware

If your school uses Eduphoria Aware, ALL In Learning can pull in teachers, students, and classes, and it can also be used as a delivery method for Aware distributed assessments, taking advantage of ALL In Learning's easy-to-use bubble sheet scanning. Note that when grading Aware assessments in ALL In Learning, reports on the assessments will only be available in Aware. To initiate getting the sync with Aware established, please see this article.



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