How to Sync Clickers to a Receiver


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This article applies only to ALL In Learning RF (radio frequency) pads, where pads are being added to a set, or pads or a receiver have been replaced or swapped out and need to be "matched" with the set. 

If you have our IR (infra-red) clickers, which have black, rectangular buttons and a disc-shaped receiver, then you will not need to sync them. 

Why do I need to "sync" pads?

Because RF (radio-frequency) pads can transmit through walls, and RF receivers may "hear" more than one pad of the same number at a time from a nearby classroom, each receiver needs to know which pads (each one has a unique serial number) belong to the "set." For this reason, sets are shipped from ALL In Learning with the pads and receiver matched together.

If you buy more pads for your set, replace a pad, or replace a receiver, you can use the AIR Tools utility to match pads to your receiver.

The sync tool is only for our RF (radio-frequency) clicker set. The RF clicker set has clickers with white, circular buttons and a thumb-drive style receiver, like this picture:


How to Match RF Pads to your RF Receiver

  1. Plug in your RF receiver.
  2. Log into your ALL In Learning account.
  3. Click the Settings icon at the upper right of your account, and choose "AIR Tools" (stands for 'ALL In Response' Tools).
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to add any pads to your receiver that are not matched to it. 

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