Extend Shared-Assessment End Date for a Specific User

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If you've shared an assessment with your team and designated an end date, and a teacher has begun grading it but left it unfinished (or paused), and has not clicked "End Session" to generate a report before the end date passed, then they will still be able to see the assessment in their list, but when they try to activate it or finish it, they will receive a message notifying them that it cannot be activated because it is expired.

They will also be given a link to automatically send an email request to the person who shared it to ask them to extend the end date for them and allow them to finish grading it. 

Whether or not you received the email request, you can always extend a lesson's end date for a specified user.

To extend a shared assessment's end date for a specific teacher:
  1. In your Lessons/Assessments tab, click the "Shared Assessments" button.
  2. Select the assessment.
  3. Select the View button to see the teachers.
  4. Remove all teachers except those for which you want to extend the date.
  5. Change the end date and then click Save. 
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