How to Re-Assign Pad IDs to Change a Student's Clicker Number


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The number of a student's clicker is called the "Pad ID." You can re-assign which pad ID is assigned to each student in the Classes tab.

How to re-assign student pad IDs:

  1. Log into your ALL In Learning account.
  2. Click the Classes tab, and click the relevant class roster name on the left.
  3. See the "Pad ID" column, displaying each students' assigned Pad ID number.
  4. Click the Pad ID number for the student you want to change. The field will turn into a picklist so that you can select another available (unused) Pad ID. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change a pad's number - the number it responds as? In other words, can I change clickers 1-26 from another set to respond as clickers 27-52 so that I have one 52-pad set?

No. ALL In Learning pads are meant to be simple to use and so affordable that schools can outfit whole teams and get the revolutionary impact clickers can provide. They are not built with advanced features allowing them to be re-programmed. 8-pad extension packs with the appropriate numbers needed are available for purchase.

Can I substitute a pad from another set of pads if one stops working?

Yes, but it works differently for IR (infrared) and RF (radio frequency) pads.

  • IR pads from one ALL In Learning set can be swapped with another set of the same kind.
  • RF pads from one ALL In Learning set can also be swapped with another set of the same kind, but because RF signals travel through walls, each RF pad has a serial number that its receiver unit is programmed to listen to, ignoring other pads of the same pad ID to prevent cross-talk between nearby systems.  You will need to plug your receiver into your computer, log into your account, click the "Settings" icon at the upper right, and choose the AIR Tools option to add a new pad to your set.
  • Note that a pad's number cannot be changed (see above).


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