Re-enabling NPAPI Plugins in Google Chrome After Early April of 2015


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NOTE: This article is no longer accurate. ALL In Learning has released a Google Chrome Extension for using ALL In Learning with Chrome and no longer uses the NPAPI method. 

We are leaving this article active for a time, to help clear up the confusion for people who may have used it in the past and need to receive this new information.

With a few simple steps users can re-enable NPAPI plugins, until we release our upcoming ALL In Learning Chrome Extension to replace the plugin.

How to Re-Enable NPAPI for Google Chrome:

  1. In Chrome's address bar, paste (or type): chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

  2. Find "Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows" in the list, and click "Enable," (Please note: if you don't see this option, it might be that your Chrome version hasn't automatically updated. Click here for the few easy steps needed to update Chrome to the latest version.)

  3. Click "Relaunch Now" at the bottom of the page.


FAQs and More Information:

What is NPAPI?

In short, it's the architecture that browser plugins like Google Earth, Google Talk, Silverlight, and the ALL In Learning Browser Plugin use to integrate their unique features into browsers.

Why is Chrome ending support for NPAPI?
NPAPI has been the industry-standard cross-browser plugin technology for 20 years, and better, faster, more tightly-secured technology has been developed in recent years which is replacing it.

What's happening to the ALL In Learning Plugin?

In September of 2014, Google Chrome announced they would be ending support for the NPAPI plugin architecture (which ALL In Learning's plugin is based on, as well as many other companies' plugins) in September of 2015.

As a precursor, in early April when your version of Chrome updates automatically to version 42, it will have NPAPI plugin support disabled by default, allowing you to take steps to re-enable it until September.

ALL In Learning is currently developing an alternative to the NPAPI plugin for Chrome, which will allow users to seamlessly use ALL In Learning features in Google Chrome even after NPAPI support is ended.

What about other browsers like FireFox, IE, and Safari?
So far, only Google Chrome has announced a hard date for ending support for NPAPI. However, eventually all browsers will follow suit and alternate technology will be used instead of NPAPI, and ALL In Learning will be on the cutting edge of development to integrate into those browsers. 

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