Importing ALL In Learning Scores into txGradebook


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First, within ALL In Learning:

  1. Once you have completed the assessment in ALL In Learning, go to that assessment under the Reports tab and then Actions>Export.

    This exports to a CSV file (basic Excel format), which is needed for TX Gradebook imports, and it will most likely download to the "Downloads" folder on your computer. The file should have Student ID in one column (you must have all Student IDs in your class roster within ALL In Learning for this to work), and their score is in the next column.  

Next, within txGradebook: 

  1. Open txGradebook, choose "Settings" and select "Administer Assignment."
  2. Select "Add New Assignment," type in the assignment name, insert PIN number and save.
  3. Choose "Grades" and select "Assignment Grades."
  4. Once you retrieve data for your selected class, click the "Import Icon" of the score column for that assignment.
  5. Browse to the CSV file to be imported.
  6. Click "Upload File."
  7. Ensure columns match by selecting the right column number.
  8. Review the data.
  9. Click "Import Now."

  10. Click OK on the import message.


    txGradebook automatically identifies import errors. Hover over red strikethoughs for information on errors. Notice, in this example, the number of exceptions/errors found.

    You must make corrections in the CSV file and then try to import again. txGradebook will not allow you to import grades that are crossed out.

    You are also notified when over-writing existing grades.


Need to import into a different gradebook? Click here for more options!



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