Export ALL In Learning Scores into Gradespeed


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If your school uses GradeSpeed, it's easy to get your grades imported from ALL In Learning.

Note that your rosters need Student IDs within ALL In Learning for this to work.

First, within ALL In Learning:

  1. Go to the Reports tab >Sessions > Actions > Export.  

    Tip from the Pros! 

    Here's an alternate method that allows you to export one combined file for all the classes that took the assessment:

    1. In the Reports tab, click the Aggregated sub-tab, select your report, and then click Student Analysis > Student Proficiency. This report shows all students who took the same assessment across all your classes.

    2. Click the Export to CSV button at the bottom, and choose the "StudentID" option only.

    You can then follow the GradeSpeed steps below for each class and choose this same file over and over. GradeSpeed will know which students to import each time based on their Student ID.

Next, within Gradespeed: 

  1. Add the New Assignment like you normally would. Click Finished after you've created the new assignment. STAY ON THE ASSIGNMENTS TAB.

  2. For the assignment you just created, click on Grade, which is located on the far right side of the screen.

  3. Now click Import located on the left-hand side of the screen under the scores legend.  


  4. Click the Type as Generic and Choose File. Some browsers may say "Browse..."

  5. Locate the CSV file you downloaded from ALL In Learning (usually in your Downloads folder), click on it, and click Open.
    Helpful hint 1: In the details view of Explorer, you can sort by Date Modified, which will let you get the most recent file at the top of the list.  

    Helpful hint 2: ALL In Learning puts the name of your roster at the end of the file name so you know that you are importing your scores for Third Period into Third Period in Gradespeed.

  6. Click Import Grades and then click OK.



Need to import using a different gradebook? Click here for more options!

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