No Save Button in Roster Screen When Trying to Add or Edit Student Information


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If you have experienced trouble adding a student or saving a student to your class roster, please try the following suggestions.

First, Try Using the Auto-Complete Feature to Find Your Student
Before trying to create or edit student records, note that when you begin typing in any field in your Roster screen, an auto-complete box should open showing the students who are already in your campus matching the characters you've typed.

When you see the student you need in the Auto-Complete box, simply click their name to add them to the roster. We recommend trying their Last name or Student ID, as those are more consistent than first names, and you are more likely to find a record already existing for that student. Searching for a variation of a first name may miss a record that already exists.

If You Need to Add or Edit a Student Record
If you are a teacher attempting to add or edit student first name, last name, MI (middle initial), or SID (student ID) in your Classes tab, and find there is no Save button, it is probably because an admin at your school has selected an option in their Administration>Settings tab to "Restrict teacher ability to add new students to campus or edit student names and IDs."

This option ensures that duplicate student records are not created or that student info is not accidentally changed by any teacher. Your administrator will be able to add or change the student records for you.

NOTE: You will still have the ability to reassign Pad ID numbers within your roster.

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