Clicker Number Just Turns Red on the Screen - No Response Recorded


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Problem this article addresses: When a student submits an answer with their clicker, instead of their pad number onscreen turning blue to indicate the response was received, their pad number onscreen turns red and no response is recorded for them.

There are two likely causes for this problem:

1. The Student is Entering an Invalid Answer Choice

If a student responds to an ABCD question by pressing E, their box will flash red to let them know they've responded "out of range" for the acceptable answer choices. 

Note: This will not be the problem if you are using clickers On-the-Fly, since answer choices aren't limited -- the software doesn't know at that point how many possible answers you have given the students.

2. Paused Session Resumed After Adding the Student to the Roster

If you pause that clicker session, then add students to your class roster, and then resume the session, the clicker interface will show their Pad IDs (because this interface is based on students and Pad IDs as they are currently in the class roster) but those students -- who have effectively joined the session late and didn't get to participate on any previously-administered questions -- do not get added to the report. Their responses will not be written to the session, and we will indicate a problem by turning their Pad number red in the feedback grid. 

To solve this problem, end the session by clicking "End Session," then launch a new session.

Note: This problem doesn't prevent other student responses from being recorded correctly - only the students whose Pad IDs turn red. 

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