Clickers Not Charging - Pads Do Not Work or Light Up When Buttons Pressed

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This article applies to rechargeable ALL In Learning - ALL In Response (AIR) clicker systems where one or more pads stops charging, will not respond, and will not flash any lights when buttons are pressed.

Because of ALL In Learning's revolutionary charging system, AIR clickers should charge enough to register a response within a couple of minutes. When troubleshooting a possible charging problem, you don't have to wait overnight to see if a solution worked!  

Problems with an Individual Clicker or Two?

If a pad will not show any lights when buttons are pressed, but all other pads appear to be charging, it may be defective. However, the rate of defective pads is incredibly low, so there could still be a problem with the charger that is not obvious because the other pads still have some charge left in them and this is simply the first to run down.

Troubleshooting a rechargeable pad:
  1. See the instructions below to be sure your charging base is charging correctly, and try charging the pad again. If it is one of the pads in the add-on side-storage rack, try moving it to the middle inside the charging base to see if it will charge better.
  2. Go to the Settings icon (looks like a gear) at the upper right of your ALL In Learning account, and click AIR Tools. Follow the on-screen prompts to diagnose whether the pad is in fact working and if so, get it responding to your receiver unit again.

Problems with Many Clickers at Once?

If all clickers are losing their charge and not recharging, it's likely caused by an issue with the power, the charger, or the adapter. Here are the troubleshooting steps: 
  1. Make sure the pads are placed in the charger right-side-up.
  2. Make sure the electrical outlet on the wall has power. Often, users discover their outlet isn't working or has a switch that wasn't turned on. Plug in a lamp to double check the outlet. Try a different outlet altogether. It's surprising how often this is a problem!
  3. Confirm you are using the correct adapter. If another teacher has a system that is working fine, compare adapters with them. You can read the label on the "black box" section of the adapter, and see that it should say "Triad - Model WSU060-1250" or "V-Infinity Class 2 Power Supply - Model EPS060100." The adapter should have an output of 6.0v, and from 1.0A to 1.25A. 
  4. With the adapter plugged in, you can lift up the charging station around the adapter plug and see a blue or red light inside.


    This can be a good sign, though it has happened that this light was shining even though the wrong adapter was being used and the pads wouldn't charge until the correct adapter was used.  
  5. Can you try swapping your adapter with another teacher that is known to be working and see if it solves the problem? Adapters fail occasionally.
  6. Can you try swapping your charging station with another teacher that is known to be working and see if it solves the problem? This can show whether yours may be defective. 

Note: On a full charge pads should give you 250-300 responses.

Need Further Assistance?
If after these steps your pads are not charging and working, please contact technical support for further assistance at, and please include what steps you tried and what you discovered.

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