Can I Use a Chromebook with ALL In Learning?


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The answer depends on what you want to use it for:

  • Students can use Chromebooks for lessons you've activated for Engage & Learn by opening their browser and going to

  • Teachers CANNOT use a Cromebook for bubble sheet scanning, using clickers, activating Engage & Learn, or on-screen grading because the Chrome OS doesn't allow plugins.

  • Teachers can use a Chromebook to do anything that does not involve the ALL In Learning Browser Plugin. They can create their account, create a class, create and share lessons, and many other things, except grading or activation activities.


If a teacher tries to use a Chromebook for any activity that requires the ALL In Learning Browser Plugin, such as activating or grading assessments, they will be prompted to install the plugin. When they download and attempt to install it, they will get the following message:

"AILPlugin-MAC- (or most current version number)

This file type is not supported. Please visit the Chrome Web Store to find an app that can open this type of file. OK"


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