Things To Do Before Your First Training Session (includes VIDEO)


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We encourage you and your team to do these quick steps before your first training so your trainer can spend training time on the good stuff -- the tools that will excite students to learn, save you tons of time, and provide immediate feedback. 

Note: We recommend Chrome or Firefox for your internet browser if you use Windows, and Safari and Firefox if you use Mac. We recommend avoiding Internet Explorer.

Step 1. Setup Your ALL In Learning Login

It's quick and simple. Here are the simple instructions: 
Steps to Set Up Your Account

Step 2. Create a Class and Add Students

You'll need a class for hands-on training! It's easy to set up with these instructions:  
Steps to Create a Class and Add Students
Note: If you teach the same group of students for multiple subjects, you only need one roster for those students. You only need, for example, a roster for 4A -- not 4A Math and 4A Science.


Step 3. Install the Browser Plugin

This small plugin enables your browser to work with clickers and bubble sheet scanning. You will be prompted to install it if you ever try to do a related activity when it isn't already installed or if there is a new version available. Browser plugin installation can usually be done without admin rights.

To install the plugin now, log in to your account, and on the Home tab click "Use ALL In response 'On the Fly.'" Click the name of your roster on the next screen, and you will see a link to download and steps to install the plugin. Restart your browser after installing.



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