PHP Error "Line Number: 125"


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When trying to launch an AIR On the Fly session, you get this error:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: footprintname

Filename: controllers/assessments.php

Line Number: 125

This rare error has been reported twice when a user was launching an AIR On-the-Fly session after entering the session name and clicking their class.

Opening the console (F12>Console) and capturing the javascript events showed us what the problem was with a browser extension called “Arcade Parlor.” Clearly "Malware" (malicious software), it was hijacking browser actions - in this case trying to capture and re-purpose text the user had typed (the session name they had entered).  There are many other varieties of malware out there that could cause problems like this. 

Arcade parlor and any other malware that interferes with browser functionality could have similar effects and cause errors and might be hijacking personal and financial information, in addition to causing problems on web pages you try to use like ALL In Learning. Malware is usually installed by accident as the user is installing something else they want but which has included with it the Malware like a Trojan horse. Sometimes there is fine print asking you if you want to install it, and sometimes it is just snuck in with no warning.

You can check your extensions in Chrome by going to the Settings menu (three lines on the upper right), then choose Tools>Extensions. In FireFox go to the Firefox menu, click "Add-ons," and check Extensions and Plugins.

It is worth doing a Google search on any extensions or add-ons that you aren't sure about. You may also find instructions for removing them - they are all different and some can be difficult to eradicate.

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