Using the ALL In Learning Document Camera


The ALL In Learning doc cam is meant for use with ALL In Learning's cloud-based solution for easy in-class bubble sheet scanning and, of course, for use as a doc cam. It can be purchased by schools with a subscription to ALL In Learning but is also available on sites like for individual purchase.

If you have an ALL In Learning account:
Log into and see the bubble sheet scanning instructions on the Home tab, and the "Doc Cam" feature under Lessons/Assessments>Teacher Tools. Also, see these articles:

Grade Bubble Sheets
Use a Doc Cam with Clickers
Data-Driven Instruction Tips

If your school uses ALL In Learning but you don't have your own account:
Ask your admin how you can get an account, then see this article to get started. After that, search the Help Center or Support button for anything you'd like to know how to do!

If your school doesn't have ALL In Learning but you want to learn more:
Here's a quick video showing how ALL In Learning can give you back the time you spend on grading and prep and why it's the best, easiest way to engage students, get feedback data, and track every student's progress on standards for total peace of mind.

Contact us for more info at

Using the ALL In Learning Doc Cam without ALL In Learning software:
The camera itself can't scan bubble sheets without the ALL In Learning software, but it's UVC web-standard compliant, so it will work with programs like Flash, Skype, Google Chat, or FaceTime. There are also some free cam applications available online which should work -- we have seen users have good results with a free application called YAWCAM. Note, however, that we don't provide support for any 3rd party software.

Using the Hardware Features on the Camera

Connecting to a Computer
The ALL In Learning Doc Cam has a built-in standard USB 3.0 cable connection and plugs directly into the USB plugs on your computer for using ALL in Learning software. 

Manual Focus
To prevent refocusing delays and wrong things stealing focus (like a teacher's hand pointing at a spot on a page), this doc cam's focus is manually set.

Built-In Light
Early versions of the ALL In Learning Doc Cam had a built-in light with a switch. We recommend when scanning bubble sheets that the light be kept off, as it can cause A) reflections off of lamination, pen ink, and pencil lead that make filled-in bubbles harder to detect, slowing down the scanning process, and B) an bright spot in the center of the page that slows down scanning. Because of the commonality of these problems and to reduce confusion, the built-in light was disabled on later versions of the camera. 



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