Step 1: Getting Started - Overview for Admins

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What is ALL In Learning?
Welcome! ALL In Learning offers a unique set of tools and features that save your teachers tons of time grading, help them engage students in class so that they are excited to learn, give them immediate feedback data on student comprehension while the concepts are still being taught, and share and collaborate with their teams on learning strategies more efficiently than they've ever dreamed, using stunning automatically-aggregated comparison reports.
What can an admin do?
As an admin, you'll be able to see great report data in real time, help author and/or assign lessons and assessments, help set up and maintain student records and teacher accounts, view usage statistics, and more. You won't be able to do any grading or direct student engagement, and you won't have a classes tab, but you'll have other great admin tools.
First Things First
  1. Set up your account. If you were part of the initial implementation of ALL In Learning at your campus, you were probably set up as an admin from the start and received an email from ALL in Learning explaining what to do. If not, you may need to be added as an admin. The best way to be added is to speak to one of your admin colleagues and get an email invite from them for creating a teacher account, which they can convert to an admin account after you set it up. Contact support for help if you can't find an admin!
  2. Get students into the system. If your campus is using Clever or Aware to auto-sync, see the Help Center articles on these subjects to be sure you are getting it set up. If not, you may wish to import your campus students via CSV file to make class creation easier for teachers (names will auto-complete as teachers enter them).  
  3. Get teachers into the system. If your campus is using Clever or Aware to auto-sync, click those links to see Help Center articles and get the automatic sync set up. If not using Clever or Aware, you'll need to either forward the "Welcome to ALL In Learning, teachers" invitation email you received from ALL In Learning, or go to the Administration tab of your admin account and use the "Add" button to invite them. 
  4. Browse the Teacher and Admin Help Center Articles to learn which other great features you want to use next!
  5. Convert Some Users to be Admins or Team Leaders. You can help admins set up a teacher account, and then convert them to be an admin in your Administration tab. Also, make some of your teachers "Team Leaders" so they can create and manage their own PLC or Data Team.
  6. Get training. You may want to inquire with your ALL In Learning representative about training and professional development for you and your team. A range of topics can be covered, with assistance in implementing the strategies.
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