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Note: This quick start guide for Mastery Process presupposes you have at least one PLC (Data Team) and are logged in as the Team Leader. If you need help doing these things first, see this article.


Why Mastery Process?
  • It provides a simple and time-saving tool for analyzing data instead of spending PLC time trying to calculate data.
  • It provides a step by step template for integrating Pre-Test and Post-Test data, collaborating on instructional strategies and documenting insights from each other.
  • It automatically saves results and insights gained so that each future Data Team can build upon this information year after year.
  • It provides administrators an automatically generated email containing charts and summary data of each completed Mastery Process, as well as a printable .pdf for admins that want to dig deeper into the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using Mastery Process, can/should every teacher in a Data Team give the same pre- and post-test assessments?

Yes, in order to aggregate the pre- and post-tests results, every teacher MUST give the same pre- and post-test assessment. Pre-Tests and Post-Tests can be linked directly to each Mastery Process which will facilitate easy Activation of the pre- and post-test assessments by the Data Team members.

Can standards be measured using Mastery Process?

Yes, standards assessed as part of pre- and post-test assessment are displayed with each Mastery Process.

Can any user create a Mastery Process?

Answer Part A - No, Mastery Process is designed to be used within a PLC (Data Team). PLC Team Leaders are responsible for initiating each Mastery Process and attaching the Pre- and Post-Test assessments.
Answer Part B - Once initiated, any PLC member can access the Mastery Process to print the template, set their class goals and view results.

How do teachers get absent student's scores into a Mastery Process?

Answer Part A- Each teacher with absent students should Re-Activate the Report created when the assessment was initially activated. Re-Activate is available under the Actions button on the Reports tab.
Answer Part B – Re-Activate is the ONLY way to include absent student scores into a Pre-Test or Post-Test report used in Mastery Process. If teachers create a new report from absent students, there will be no way to merge that report into Mastery Process.

Does Mastery Process require distributing the pre- or post-test to Data Team members through attaching them to each specific Mastery Process?

Yes, by sharing the Pre-Test or Post-Test using this feature, the system knows to automatically aggregate all individual teacher reports containing student data for that assessment into one Mastery Process report. 

Is there a Mastery Process template teachers can print and work on before a Data Team meeting?

Yes, for any Mastery Process that has been started, do the following to print a template:
  • Select the Data Team main tab
  • Select the appropriate Data Team from the list of Data Teams on the left
  • Select the Mastery Process sub tab
  • For the desired Mastery Process, mouse over the Actions button and select the Print option to print a template document.

Can the Mastery Process categories and ranges be modified?

Yes, under the Data Team Info tab in the Data Team area, each Data Team can edit the category names and breakpoints for each category. Please see the section Editing Mastery Levels and Ranges at the end of this document.


Steps to Use Mastery Process:

In order to know if your students have mastered an idea or concept, you must first have some idea on how you will assess the students to verify mastery. Often Data Teams will create their Post-Test which will assess mastery, then use that Post-Test as a Pre-Test.
  1. To create a Pre-Test assessment that assesses what students should understand in order to demonstrate mastery, we recommend either creating an assessment key (if you already have an assessment) or use your campus's Item Bank. 

    Note: You can attach the actual test document to any Lesson/Assessment before sharing with your Data Team so that each teacher can print the appropriate number of tests needed for their classes. Use the Attachments icon under the Actions button in the Lessons/Assessments tab. After creating your assessment you will need to create a Mastery Process and attach the Pre-Test (and later the Post-Test) to it in order to share it with all members of your Data Team.

  2. To create a Mastery Process do the following: Login as the Data Team Leader

    a. Select the Data Team tab
    b. Select the appropriate Data Team from the My Data Teams list
    c. Select the Mastery Process sub tab
    d. Select the New button to initiate a new Mastery Process 

  3. On the dialog that pops up, name the Mastery Process (in this example, "Unit 4 Mastery Process"), select the Next button.

  4. On the dialog box that pops up, select the Pre-Test assessment you created earlier. This is the Pre-Test assessment that each teacher will give to their students.

  5. Each team member should log into their All In Learning account and Activate this assessment using the Activate button available to all Data Team members on the Pre-Test tab.

  6. After each teacher Activates the Pre-Test and collects their student’s results, Mastery Process will automatically aggregate the data for all Data Team members. Note the following: 

    The header in the image below shows you are on "Step 1. Collect and Chart Data"
    Each subsequent tab is a step in the Mastery Process 
    Data is automatically filled in for every teacher that graded this Pre-Test assessment

    NOTE: You can edit the name of a Mastery Process simply by clicking on the title and entering a name.

  7. During your next Data Team meeting, teachers should collaboratively fill out the Analyze, Goals and Strategies tabs focusing on the given module of instruction using results from the Pre-Test as a guide. 

    Note: On the Analyze, Goals, Strategies and Reflect tabs, it is always a good practice to select the Save Changes button after entering data into these tabs. 

    Note: Once the team leader has started a Mastery Process, any team member can print a Mastery Process template as a .pdf file. This allows teachers to work at their own pace in defining their goals, insights, instructional strategies etc.

    To print a Mastery Process template, do the following:
    a. Select the Data Team main tab 
    b. Select the appropriate Data Team from the My Data Teams list 
    c. Select the Mastery Process sub tab 
    d. For the desired Mastery Process, mouse over the Actions button, and select the Print option


  8. Individual team members should fill out the Smart Goals tabs for their students.

    Note: Students within 5 points of the Meets category and all students above the Meets category will be automatically pre-selected.

    After utilizing the instructional strategies during class instruction, your Data Team will want to gauge the effectiveness of those strategies. 

    Do this by assessing a Post-Test that measures student mastery of the concepts based on some period of instruction. 

    Note: Some Data Teams will choose to give the exact same assessment used during the pre-test phase and other Data Teams will want to create new assessments to measure mastery – both are supported in Mastery Process. 

  9. To assess the Post-Test do the following: 

    a. Log in as the PLC's team leader 
    b. On the Lessons/Assessments tab, either create a new assessment (discussed in step 1 above), or make a copy of the Pre-Test Assessment (Actions>Copy) and rename it (Actions>Properties).

    Note: It is good practice to include the term Post-Test somewhere in the title.

    There are two ways to attach the Post-Test to a Mastery Process:

    a. Use the Actions, Attach Post-Test option

    b. On the Post-Test tab, use the Select, Post-Test button.

  10. Each team member should log in to their account and Activate this assessment in order to grade the student tests.


For Data Team data, the Pre-Test and Post-Test data are compared side by side including: 

  • Pre-Test average
  • Post-Test average
  • Percentage change





For individual teacher data:

  • The column headers are sortable
  • Pre-test and post-test scores are laid out side by side 
  • Percentage change is displayed 
  • Class name for each student is displayed




11. The last step in the process should be to use the Reflect tab to document what worked and what did not work.

Note: It is critical that the Data Team Leader select the option Finish and Lock Mastery Process in order to preserve this valuable experience for insight in teaching this instruction in future years.

Note: Once a Mastery Process is locked, no more revisions can be made. A copy of the finished Mastery Process is automatically sent to the administrator.



Editing Mastery Level Names and Ranges

Mastery level names and ranges can be set for each individual Data Team.

To edit the Mastery Level names do the following:

  • Log in as the Data Team Leader
  • Select the Data Team tab
  • Select the Data Team for which you want to edit the Mastery levels and/or ranges
  • Select the Data Team Info tab
  • Click on the level name you want to edit
  • Enter the new name
  • Click on the Save button




To edit the Mastery Level ranges:

  • Log in as the Data Team Leader
  • Select the Data Team tab
  • Select the Data team for which you want to edit the Mastery Ranges
  • Select the Data Team Info tab
  • With your mouse, click and slide the handle for the range you want to change (notice as you slide, the Range values will update automatically).
  • Click on the Save button



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