Clickers in the Cloud Overview


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Classrooms that use clickers to engage students in learning and check for understanding during instruction consistently outperform classrooms that don't - by a significant margin. So, we hope to get clickers into as many classrooms as possible with low cost, ease of use, and quick results.

This overview will cover some basics and concepts. After reading this overview, you may move on to "Getting started with Clickers."

What Kinds of Clickers Work with ALL In Learning?

  • ALL In Response (AIR) RF and IR systems
  • Most later eInstruction IR systems (all white/blue pads and most blue pads)
  • eInstruction Pulse, Ping, and Spark 
  • Educational Awareness (EA) RF systems

Does any software have to be installed?
ALL In Learning is a browser-based cloud solution so no desktop software has to be installed, but you'll be prompted to download and run a small browser plugin or browser extension the first time you activate a clicker or scanning session. It almost never requires admin privileges, and it's quick and easy.

How can Clickers be Used in ALL In?
ALL In Learning supports three different modes of learning engagement:

  1. Teacher-Paced Mode: Where the teacher projects the question in front of the class and each student has an opportunity to answer. The questions will proceed only by guidance from the teacher.
  2. Student-Paced Mode: Students can proceed at their own pace and monitor their own progress while working through a hard-copy exam provided by the teacher.
  3. Practice Mode: Similar to the student-paced, this mode allows for students to proceed at their own pace, but will not allow the student to answer the next question until they have given a correct answer. This allows immediate feedback for the student to help with content mastery and growth mindset!

What Kinds of Content can be Used with Clickers? 

  • You can use them on-the-fly with impromptu verbal questions, or any questions from anywhere (a book, whiteboard, website, projector, etc.).
  • You can author questions in ALL In Learning's easy-to-use PowerPoint-like interface specifically for clicker use.
  • You can use existing written tests or displayed assessments by building a simple key in ALL In Learning and having kids answer together with clickers.
  • You can import ExamView questions to project and use with clickers.
  • You can import PowerPoint (PPTX) files and convert the slides with questions on them into ALL In Learning questions quickly for use with clickers.
  • You can use content shared with you by your teammates through ALL In Learning, making it easy to help each other.
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