Step 3: Create a Class and Add Students (includes VIDEO)


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If you plan on teaching or grading with ALL In learning, you’ll need a class and students. If your school uses Aware or our Clever auto-sync feature, this step may be created for you automatically. If not, it's quick and simple to do it manually.

Note 1: If you teach the same group of students for multiple subjects, you only need one roster for those students. You only need, for example, a roster for 4A -- not 4A Math and 4A Science.

Note 2: If you try to add or edit student names manually but there is no "save" button to save your changes, see your administrator, as they may have disabled teachers' ability to add/edit student roster data. 

How to Create a Class Manually

  1. Click the Classes tab.
  2. Click “Add New Class” on the left side of the screen.
  3. Type the name of your class.
  4. Select your Grade and Subject.
  5. Custom Tags: Class Tags are used to define which teachers are included in common district and campus assessments. Often grade and subject are all that is needed, but if you were directed to enter any custom tags for your class, type them in the "Enter Custom" field.  As you type, an auto-complete box may pop up with suggested matches. If the one you are looking for pops up, click on it. Enter as many tags as you need, hitting enter after each one. The tags you've added appear in the "Assigned Tags"  section. You can remove them by clicking the "x" on each tag.
  6. When you are finished creating your class and adding tags, click “Save.”


How to Add Students to Your Class Manually

  1. Click the Student Roster tab.
  2. Click in the blank under “Last” and type your student’s last name. 
  3. If you see names auto-complete as you type (there may be a slight delay), click the one you want and the rest of the student's information will auto-fill -- or if the student record doesn't show as existing already, you can type in the name, ID, and other fields manually to complete the student information.
  4. Click the “Save” button to the right, or press Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Repeat this process until your roster has all the students.

Note: Clicking on a student's name or ID fields and editing them directly will change that student's information in all other classes and teacher accounts.

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