Leave Unfinished, Resume, or Re-Activate an Assessment

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As you grade assessments in the ALL In Cloud, your session is saved, so that if you get interrupted, you can activate the same assessment and class to pick up where you left off, from any computer. You can leave a grading session unended (without creating a report) and go back to it to later. You can also re-activate a finalized session reports from the Reports>Sessions tab to grade more students.

Leave Session Open
Any time you end an active grading session in any way other than by clicking "End Session" and confirming that you want to create a report by clicking "OK" (for example, by clicking "Leave Session Open," by closing your browser suddenly, or if your computer crashes), the session will be left open and unfinished. In the case of Engage & Learn activations, students will still be able to access the assessment in their Student Portal.

The assessment will not be truly ended, with reports in the Reports tab, until you click "End Session."

If a session is left unfinished, you will see a little red circle with a number on the lesson's "Activate" button in the Lessons/Assessments tab. The number represents how many unfinished sessions you have.

To resume the session, go to the Lessons/Assessments tab, click "Activate" and choose your grading mode to activate the session. On the "choose your class" screen you will see an "unfinished" designation by the class indicating there is an unfinished session waiting to resume. Click the class and resume grading where you left off. When you are finished click "End Session" and confirm.

Re-Activating a Finished Session to Add More Grades
Let's say you finished grading your class and clicked "End Session" to create a report. But now, you need to add the grades for students who were absent.
  1. Click the “Reports” tab.
  2. Next to your desired session, click Actions -> Re-Activate.
  3. Choose whether you want to scan bubble sheets, etc.
  4. Grade and save as you normally would, according to the instructions in the appropriate section above.

Note: The Re-Activated session is not available to students who originally submitted their assessment. Conversly, the Remediation feature allows students who submitted their work initially to make corrections.


Deleting a Student's Grade
You can delete a student's grade in the same way you add absent students. Sometimes a teacher realizes that they graded the wrong student, or they need to delete a student from a report for various reasons. Follow these steps to delete a student's grade.
  1. Click the "Reports" tab.
  2. Next to your desired session, click Actions -> Re-Activatemceclip0.png
  3. Choose Manual Grading
  4. Click the hand icon next to the student's name that you need to delete
  5. In the manual grading list that opens, click Unscore then Close
  6. Click End Session to close the assessment.

Alternate Method for Re-Activating a Finished Session
Sometimes users mean to add grades to an existing report but they go to the Lessons/Assessments tab and activate the lesson again for the same class. This used to create a separate report and the user would be frustrated. For this reason, we made our program recognize if the lesson had been activated for the same class and the user is now prompted as to whether they want to create a new separate report or add grades to the existing report.

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