Import PowerPoint (PPTX) Files - How-To and Troubleshooting


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You can import PPTX files from PowerPoint into ALL In Learning, whether they contain instructional slides or questions, and within a few easy steps make them interactive! This is ideal for use with clickers or on-screen lessons in our Engage & Learn student iOS app.

Notes About the Process:

  • We can't tell which slides are meant to be questions. After you import, you'll need to use our simple "Convert Slides to Questions" tool. It's easy to add standards while you're at it. Details below.
  • We can import .pptx files from Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later, but if you have a .ppt file, you'll first need to convert it using PowerPoint 2007 or later, Google Presentation, specialty conversion software, or a pre-2007 version of Microsoft Office with the free "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack" installed.
  • "Porting" files from one program to another is an art form, and there may be some elements of your slides that need some touching up after importing. Please let us know, so we can keep perfecting the art!

Steps to Import a PowerPoint Presentation

  1. In the Lessons/Assessments tab of your ALL In Learning account, click "Create New."

  2. Click the "Import>PowerPoint" option.

  3. Click "Choose File," navigate to and select your file, and click OK.

  4. Fill in the Name, Description, and other required fields, and click Next. Importing may take a few minutes, but the process will time out after 5 minutes. If it is taking longer than 5 minutes for your file to import, please see instructions on troubleshooting below.

  5. Once the import completes, you'll be taken to the Lesson Editor, where you can see the imported results. Make any visual changes needed using our PowerPoint-like interface. (Not all PowerPoint features have an exact ALL in learning equivalent.)

  6. To convert slides to questions, see the graphic below that shows these steps: 1) Highlight the slide thumbnail on the left side of the screen, 2) Press CTRL-Q on your keyboard or click the "Convert Slide to Question" button, 3) Choose your question type, 4) (optional) Click the blue "Insert Standards Toolbar (Show/Hide)" at the bottom, 5) (optional) "Drill down" to the standard you want and click its checkbox, and 6) Click on the question's correct answer.

    This will automatically close the "Convert Slide to Question" window. You'll see your slide has a red "Q" icon to indicate it is a functional ALL In Learning question under the hood!

  7. If you intend to add more correct answers for a question, select the additional answer in the Question Properties panel on the rightYou’ll then be prompted to choose whether students will only be counted as correct if they select all of the correct answers or if they can select any of them.




Imported PowerPoint slide looks "off" after importing:

PowerPoint has been around for over 25 years and new features are still being added. For example, there are more than a dozen ways to create the image of a house with PowerPoint, and no software will perfectly translate every effect in an import, so you may have to tweak your slides a little after importing. However, like Google Presentation and others, we are always improving. Please feel free to send us your file and explain what slides and effects you'd like to see handled better, and we'll add them to our list and offer help -


PowerPoint file doesn't upload or you just get a "spinner spinning":

Sometimes files take several minutes to import, but if you see the spinner for more than 5 minutes, something has gone wrong.

  • Make sure your internet connection is good and try again.
  • Your browser may have hung or may have a problem, so try another browser if possible (we recommend Chrome the most) and/or restart your computer.  
  • If these suggestions do not help, and the spinner goes longer than 5 minutes, please send your PowerPoint file to and explain, so we can look at it for you!


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