Create an Assessment Key with an Attached PDF


One of the most convenient ways to set up a test that students will access via computer, tablet, or Chromebook is to upload a PDF you already have and create a key to go along with it. 

Note: If you just want to attach a PDF to a lesson or key for the convenience of teachers to print a hard copy of the test, attach it via the Lessons/Assessments>Actions>Attachments feature.

Create a key with an attached PDF:

  1. Go to the Lessons/Assessments tab, click "Create New," and choose "Assessment key with PDF."


  2. Follow the prompts to choose your file and create the corresponding key that matches the PDF test.

  3. To activate the lesson for students to use with their devices, go to the Lessons/Assessments tab, choose "Activate," and then choose "Engage & Learn." 

    Several testing options are available like "Scramble Test Questions per Student" and others.


    Follow the steps on screen to select your preferred options and activate the test. 

    If you are using Google Classroom Syncing with ALL In Learning, students will now be able to see the assignment in their Google Classroom accounts and access it.

    If you are not using Google Classroom Syncing, Students will need their "Engage & Learn QR Code" sheet with steps to access the test. To print this sheet for them, go to your Classes tab, choose your class, click the checkbox that selects all students, click "Print," and choose "Engage & Learn QR Code."

    This sheet will tell students to open a web browser, go to, and scan the QR code (or type in an ID number if their device's camera doesn't work).

    Note that this feature is not available in the Engage & Learn iPad App, but on iPads students can simply open Safari and follow the instructions on the sheet. 

    Once students access the test, they'll see the PDF displayed on the left side of their screen and they can enter their answers on the right side of their screen. If the test is scrambled, the panel on the right side of the screen will instruct them which question to go to next, and they can simply scroll the PDF file up and down to see that question. 

    To learn more about testing using the Student Portal and Engage&Learn, see this article.

Note that if your assessment has question slides with on-screen questions (such as a custom lesson you've built in our PowerPoint-like interface or questions chosen from an Item bank), attaching a PDF here will cause ONLY the PDF to be able to display to students. Question slides will not display.

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