Multiple Correct (Multiselect) Answers


ALL In Learning supports the use of multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer.

Notes if using Bubble Sheets:

  • Student answer changes need to be thoroughly erased. Crossed-out answers are not supported. Having more than one answer bubble filled in on a single-correct-answer question will cause an anomaly notice for the teacher to manually score. 

  • Avoid reflections from overhead lights. Pencil lead can be reflective, causing some filled-in answers to appear white (blank) when scanned. So, when a student appears to have failed to select required answer choices, we will present that question as an anomaly for the teacher to manually check (industry-standard practice in optical bubble sheet grading technology). See this article for more info on preventing reflections.

Create and Edit Questions with Multiple Correct Answers

  1. Under the Lessons/Assessments tab, choose Create New > Assessment Key.

  2. Select "Multiple Choice" as the question type and choose the number of answers.

  3. Select a correct answer in the area on the left next to "Q1."

  4. You'll see the question added in the key on the right. There, select additional correct answers. You’ll be prompted to choose whether students will only be counted as correct if they select all of the correct answers or if they can select any of them.



Add or Edit Multiple Correct Answers in the Lesson Editor

You can get into the Lesson Editor in several ways:

  • Lessons/Assessments tab>Actions>Edit
  • Lessons/Assessments tab>Create New>Import Word or Import PowerPoint
  • Lessons/Assessments tab>Create New>Custom Lesson

Once in the Lesson Editor, you can add or edit questions in several ways. Some methods, like "Insert>Questions" and "Convert to Question" will use the Quick Key screen as seen in the section above. 

You can also edit questions by selecting the question slide on the left, which will open the Question Properties panel on the right, where you can select additional correct answers. You’ll then be prompted to choose whether students will only be counted as correct if they select all of the correct answers or if they can select any of them.




Edit Multiple Correct Answers in Edit Key & Standards

See this article for instructions on using Edit Key and Standards to add or change answers for multiple-correct-answer questions and changing whether any answer is allowed or all must be selected.


Multiple Correct Answers for PowerPoint Imports

See this article for instructions on importing PowerPoint documents. Note that you can now add additional correct answers by designating them in the Question Properties panel.


Grading Multiple Correct Answers

Several areas of grading have been affected by multiple correct answer support.

Bubble Sheet Grading with Doc Cam or ASSIST for iOS and Android

Students can now fill in multiple bubbles to answer multiple-correct-answer questions. Keep in mind when grading that you need to eliminate reflections from the pencil lead or any kind of lamination for the fastest results. See this article for more details on getting the best scanning experience.  

Note that if you need to manually confirm or grade any questions and need to deselect an answer, answers will not be deselected automatically when you click a different answer. 

Note also that when a student has more than one bubbles filled in on a question that has a single correct answer, you'll see an anomaly indicator that you'll need to manually resolve. 

Student Portal Assessments

Students will be able to answer multiple-correct-answer multiple choice questions on devices such as Chromebooks, tablets, computers, and smartphones in Engage & Learn. If they change an answer, they need to make sure any answer they do not intend to submit is deselected.

Manual Grading

You can still manually grade papers by tapping-in student responses if needed. Just note that you can select as many answers as you want, so if changing answers be sure to deselect them.

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