Domain 1 Report


Administrators in Texas, ALL In Learning makes it easy to track your campus's Domain 1 Score!

1. Log into your admin account and go to Reports > Domain 1 Reports.


2. Then, click New (upper left). A new Domain 1 Report will open with a default title. Click Edit Title to edit it.

3. Click Add/Edit Assessments.


4. Scroll through the assessments you would like to add to your Domain 1 Report. Set the Language (English or Spanish), Grade and Subject matter, and then click on Save.


 Once you've added all the assessments you'd like to add, click on the Close button.

Reading the Domain 1 Report Data

There are two parts of the Domain 1 Report.

First is the Domain 1 Report data and calculation, which ends with the Domain 1 Score.

The Report Data and Calculation has a section in gray and a section in white. The grey section shows the numbers of completed assessments and numbers in the categories. The categories are cumulative, so for example, a student who scored a perfect score will be counted in each category.

The white section calculates percentages for each category and then divides that by the total number of possible percentage (300) to generate the Domain 1 Score.



Note these name changes from the Index 1 to Domain 1 categories:
"% Satisfactory or Above" is the new "Approaches."
"% Postsecondary Readiness Standard or Above" is the new "Meets."
"% Advanced Standard" is the new "Masters."

Second is the Assessment Details section, which provides a breakdown of each of the assessments.

For each assessment you include, ALL In Learning will show you the campus totals, as well as the breakdown by teacher, of Masters, Meets, Approaches and Does Not Meet per TEA 2017 cut scores. 




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