Blank or Missing Bubble Sheets When Printing with Chrome


Sometimes when printing bubble sheets in Google Chrome, the last few bubble sheets are blank or missing. The number of students blank or missing at the end can vary from a few to five or more.


It appears this issue started after a Google Chrome update in early 2017 to the functionality of their print preview screen. The screen loads from top to bottom and appears to our developers to be loading slower since Chrome's update. When you click "Print," only the pages that have finished loading in the print preview screen will print. This means if you click Print before all pages have loaded, the last few pages will print blank or will be missing.


We hope that a future update of Chrome fixes this issue. Our recommendation is to wait a few seconds longer before clicking Print to ensure that all the pages have time to load. You could also scroll down to the last page in the print preview section to be sure they are all there. Also note that if you change your printer designation, the pages will have to reload again. 


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